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No light without shadow

At the end of walking in shadows, I'll lose my mind

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Community description:For original fiction and art of a dark and/or disturbing nature
A community for writers and artists that portray a darker side to their creations.

We all have it in us. The ability to see how scary the world is and can be. So now we have a place to share art and stories that others may find disturbing or taboo.

Discussion threads are welcome to muse out ideas or just to talk about character developments and bounce around thoughts on Authors and Artists that inspire you.

Constructive criticism is allowed, but please no flaming.

Please put art and stories under a cut. Disclaimers/Warnings are important so that others can stay clear of material they may find too unsettling. Also make sure that if you are linking to your personal journal you mark your file appropriately for age restrictions.

If you are new, stop by the Welcome Post
Where you can learn a little more about some of the Writers/Artists here, and let us get to know a little more about yourself.

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